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¡En Clínica Santa Lucía queremos VER bien a mamá!

Todo sobre tus ojos

Nuestras madres son el pilar del hogar, por eso, es importante cuidar su salud de manera integral, incluyendo sus ojos. Generalmente, las mujeres son propensas a padecer patologías visuales con frecuencia, a diferencia de lo que ocurre con los hombres. Estas enfermedades pueden afectar su calidad de vida si no son diagnosticadas y tratadas a […]

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Slots and games created by Zeusplay:

Here are some examples of the creations of the Bulgarian design studio Zeusplay.

The Explorers’ Quest slot machine

Become an explorer of the Egyptian pyramids. Ancient Egypt again. It’s a classic that players love and that allows publishers to dust off the theme. ZeusPlay plays the alien theory by developing the idea that the pyramids were built by a civilisation from the farthest reaches of the universe. We narrowly escaped the lizard men. The direction is perfect. Events launch smooth animations that won’t slow down your browser. The latest generation of bonuses and an original 9-reel slot machine are included! Add in a jackpot of 1,500,000 chips and you have a state-of-the-art slot that is sure to be a high roller’s delight. For beginners, 9 reels can be scary, but that’s offset by the easy-to-learn game mechanics.

European Roulette 3D Deluxe

 In table games, online roulette is a must for casinos It is the counterpart of slots for the traditional online game. There are hundreds of them and it is a difficult challenge for the game software companies. You have to offer a roulette table that is true to the real thing, but it also has to have a touch of difference to stand out from the crowd. For players, it must be admitted that they are becoming more and more similar. The options are identical: live stats, history, auto play etc etc. Here, at ZeusPlay, we have played the 3D card with a magnificent roulette table. It’s like sitting in front of a table. A little more, we would expect to see a delicious dealer like in a live casino. It’s a great achievement and for once 3D is not an excuse for laziness.